Baton offers ERPsim scenario simulations designed to support armed forces, public security and disaster relief organizations. Running on the latest SAP S/4HANA industry solution (D&S, Public Sector, Enterprise Asset Management), use cases include:


        • Software discovery and requirements validation;
        • End user training and adoption as a complement or replacement of traditional e-learning;
        • Experiencing advanced innovations like Machine Learning and Cloud extensions in a realistic mission setting.


Effective with executive stakeholders, project teams, and end-users, ERPsim does not require any prior SAP knowledge and comes with embedded step-by-step guidance. Whether assessing the latest SAP solutions, planning an implementation or motivating your teams, ERPsim provides focus and alignment to digital transformation projects.

Facilitator-led simulations may be conducted in person, or remotely. There are no technical requirements beyond solid bandwidth and the ability to access public websites.  

An on-demand, single player/small team play version of the Enterprise Asset Management scenario is now available, requiring no instructor and self-scheduling of the simulation scenario.

Available Scenarios


Public Sector Extended

The Defense and Security scenario is an experience set up in the Fiori launchpad meant to make participants understand how to use the SAP functions in the context of distributing products. You take on different tasks that are distributed among the employees, who are the team members, and move throughout the day with the goal to have the highest profit among all playing teams.

It’s suitable for a broad range of industries, the simulation showcases the latest SAP user interface, real-time analytics, and the integration of core enterprise processes: mission planning, allocation, logistics command, maintenance support, acquisition corps, and budget task force. Participants can also choose to activate machine learning capabilities for decision support or role automation.


The Enterprise Asset Management simulation leverages standard Asset Management and Plant Maintenance functionality in SAP S/4HANA, as well as some predictive components of cloud-based SAP Intelligent Asset Management. The winning team is the one achieving the highest asset availability and the lowest maintenance costs. The simulation takes participants through each step of the maintenance maturity curve, from corrective, to planned and ultimately predictive maintenance.

On-Demand version for single player/small team play now available – learn more here.


Humanitarian Aid

The D&S scenario allows participants to get hands-on with core business processes as part of the SAP D&S Industry Solution.  More specifically, capability-based planning and force management to deployments, Funds Management, Asset Maintenance, Budget Tracking, Field Allocation/Spend, Procurement, Program Effectiveness, and Mission Readiness. The business context is the management of armed forces, represented by disaster relief teams, who must meet the needs of a community facing an evolving natural disaster.  


The D&S scenario can be adapted to reflect an organization’s specific SAP software footprint and mission parameters.


Baton Simulation designed a tailored made solution for the ADF by combining two scenarios: Logistics and disaster recovery.  The simulation shines the light on need to collaborate towards a common mission in a fun, competitive and yet safe environment.  The value of Baton’s simulations extends to increase awareness at the user level and support business transformation. 

–  Eldad Ohayon, ERP Transformation, Army HQ, ADF​

The biggest impact the workshop had on me was gaining perspective and understanding the possibilities of current and near-term future technologies and how that technology (predictive analytics, assisted and machine learning) can be potentially applied in an intuitive manner to support Army sustainment at all levels.

-Supply NCO 

Sims were very helpful and a great training tool. It reminded me a lot of the warfighter exercises. 

– Production Control & Supply Supervisor, Pennsylvania Army National Guard (PAARNG)​


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