SmartDAS — Gen AI-ML Workbench

What if?


You could integrate Gen-AI and Machine Learning into any SAP solution

  • This could be done by business analysts, without hard-to-find deep SAP technical skills

  • The solutions you build could co-exist with SAP proprietary technologies, and be deployed across multiple landscapes

  • All operating on secure cloud infrastructure supported by all hyperscalers 

  • With custom use cases in production in days rather than months

  • Supporting global roll-out in multiple languages



You can.


Introducing SmartDAS by Baton Simulations…

GenAI ML use cases in S/4

SmartDAS authoring workbench


  • Eases consumption of SAP Technology Platform GenAI services for private, safe, secure and reliable AI and ML use 
  • Injects itself on the presentation layer of any solution with a web-based (SAPUI5, HTML5) user interface and OData/REST API’s 

Target Users

  • Business analysts as AI/ML use case authors (no code approach)
  • End users as consumers of use cases via an intelligent digital assistant chat/prompt window


Out-of-the-box pre-configured industry use cases

  • Asset Maintenance 
  • Defense & Security 
  • Manufacturing & Sustainability 
  • Workbench makes it possible to modify and enhance use cases 


Use Cases Combine GenAI & Machine Learning

  • Interrogate help files or technical documentation, corporate or public. (e.g. How do I complete a specific task?). 
  • Access data anywhere in your system. SmartDAS automatically detects the OData services a user has access to, based on their security profile, no configuration required. (e.g. What is my current inventory? Are there any outstanding work orders to authorize?). 
  • Predictive ML Decision Support Questions. SmartDAS can marry GenAI interpretation with multiple ML algorithms, feeding itself from historical data already available in your system. (e.g. When will we run out of inventory and what should I buy now? When will equipment ABC break down?). Recommendation may include a prompt for the user to authorize transaction execution (e.g. Please order part ABC for me.)