Facilitator-led ERPsim group experiences build momentum for adoption


Engage your people in a challenge that pits teams against each other to solve problems, motivating them to embrace ERP and buy into your technology adoption initiatives.

ERPsim is a business simulation that runs on a live SAP S/4HANA ERP system. In a fast-paced environment, participants must optimize decisions by sharing information and collaborating using ERP. Participants gain more than just an appreciation of enterprise software—they also witness the impact on company performance of communicating and collaborating up and downstream in an end-to-end process.

“Learning hands on in a real system was priceless! We had super users right along with senior executives getting really into it. The competition was a fun component, but so was getting to see how SAP was a truly integrated system real time.”

− Cristie L. Price, Organizational Change Management,
Columbia Sportswear Company



Telling people about the value of ERP and end-to-end-process integration isn’t nearly as effective as inviting them to experience it for themselves. Participants collaborate to solve real-world business problems, learning to use the system in a realistic business environment.


ERPsim provides the ”Aha!” moments that make people support digital transformation and embrace enterprise software, especially in SAP S/4HANA implementation or upgrade.


Keep your technology adoption initiatives moving forward with multiple teams competing against each other. The ERPsim experience effectively showcases end to end business processes and how decisions made by teams in the simulation effect business outcomes.


Experiential learning

Guided realization

Facilitator guided realization

Each ERPsim facilitator-led simulation event concludes with facilitator debriefing participants on their decision-making thinking and behavior and the ultimate impact on the business outcomes. This vital review process clarifies learning points that emerged during the simulation and helps participants, regardless of how they performed, understand the factors that determine performance.

Real-world problems

Real-world problems

ERPsim leverages cognitive learning through experience. Participants solve real-world business problems in a safe environment that encourages them to experiment and learn from their successes and mistakes, individually and as a team.

SAP S/4HANA optimized

Live SAP S/4HANA with Fiori interface

Live SAP S/4HANA with Fiori interface

All simulations are run on live SAP S/4HANA with a fully functional Fiori interface. Whether your goal is to familiarize participants with process integration or showcase S/4HANA, nothing beats working in a live system with powerful real-time analytics to support informed decisions.

Performance support and collaboration using DAS

Generative AI and Machine Learning

Experience and experiment with the forefront of technology innovations with ERPsim’s Generative AI Intelligent Virtual Assistant and Machine Learning Decision Support functionality. These advanced tools enable participants to experience and understand innovations that may be leveraged in real-world, enterprise-specific SAP S/4HANA environments, leveraging technologies offered by SAP, the SAP Business Technology Platform and Baton Simulations.

How it works

After you’ve scheduled a certified ERPsim facilitator/instructor for your simulation, collaborate with the ERPsim facilitator to determine the participants that should be invited to compete in the simulation and any recommendations for participant team assignments. Decide if the simulation event should or may be done in person or virtually.

  • A simulation is divided into timed rounds in which each minute represents a day. Facilitators setup the overall time for the simulation and may adjust the speed of the timed rounds.
  • Overall, the facilitator guides the teams competing in the simulation and may pause the simulation as needed to provide direction, answer questions and/or to encourage behavior or actions.
  • During each round, team members must collaborate using real-time SAP S/4HANA data and analytics to aid their decision making.
  • After the simulation is complete, the facilitator leads a debrief session that solidifies and enhances the learning experience, turning “Aha!” moments into memorable lessons.

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