ERPsim On-Demand Gameplay: What to Know Beforehand

Welcome to the pre-play preparation page for your upcoming ERPsim On-Demand session with Baton Simulations. Whether you’re playing solo or part of a team of up to four members, this guide will ensure you’re fully equipped for an engaging and effective experience.

To do so, please select which scenario you have chosen in order to be prepared accordingly.

Distribution / Sustainability

Enterprise Asset Management

On-Demand Multi-Player Guidance & Recommendations 
Pre-Play Setup/Starting The Session 

Set up a Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or other online meeting for you and your colleagues to use at the same time as your scheduled On-Demand session to communicate with each other via video, audio and/or chat messaging. 

Player 1 is the “leader” of the simulation game. Players 2-4 will receive an email to join the simulation after Player 1 has entered the session on their computer. 

After the simulation game is loaded on your browser for a player there is an Introduction Video to summarize what to expect. Starting, pausing or closing this video only does so on a specific player’s browser window. 

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