ERPsim On-Demand Gameplay: What to Know Beforehand

Enterprise Asset Management Scenario

After your simulation session starts you’ll have up to 6 hours to play the competitive simulation and to explore within the live ERPsim S/4HANA session.

On-Demand Experience Summary Overview

On-Demand Multi-Player Guidance & Recommendations 
Pre-Play Setup/Starting The Session 

Set up a Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or other online meeting for you and your colleagues to use at the same time as your scheduled On-Demand session to communicate with each other via video, audio and/or chat messaging. 

Player 1 is the “leader” of the simulation game. Players 2-4 will receive an email to join the simulation after Player 1 has entered the session on their computer. 

After the simulation game is loaded on your browser for a player there is an Introduction Video to summarize what to expect. Starting, pausing or closing this video only does so on a specific player’s browser window. The Introduction Video is available to watch on this webpage also if you or other players would like to watch it before your scheduled session.   

Game Duration & Pace

The Enterprise Asset Management scenario simulation competitive game time is 33 to 93 minutes. There are three sections/rounds of game time of 11 to 33 minutes, based on the pace set by Player 1 in the simulation settings controller. The competitive simulation may be paused and the pace may be changed anytime during the On-Demand session by Player 1.

Roles & Bot Assistance

Player 1 decides which roles (maintenance engineer, resource manager, inventory specialist) will be played by the human team. In Round 1 of the game, the human team is set up to play the maintenance engineer role, with bots taking care of the management of resources and procurement roles for your human team. 

Player 1 may change which roles are managed by the human team before the start of the game or before the beginning of any game round. If you want to change a role during a round, Player 1 must pause the game, make the desired role change and then resume the game. 

When a bot is assisting the human team specific recommendations are sent to a notification window, which are sent to all players simultaneously. Given that you’re playing as a team, any player may accept or reject a bot recommendation (e.g. send a maintenance notification, order missing parts, etc.) When you accept a bot’s recommendation, the system will automatically apply the latest real-time bot recommendation. 

Role Videos & Tutorials 

The simulation session includes videos for players to “watch” Kira, the virtual session facilitator, play the Maintenance engineer, resource manager and/or inventory specialist. These videos are available to watch on this webpage also if you or other players would like to have an understanding of any of these roles in game play before your session. 

Conversational AI Kira
Kira will be guiding you through the simulation session and is available anytime to ask questions in natural language. You may also right click on any tile for help information.

On-Demand Session Introduction & Play Summary


Roles Overview

In our Enterprise Asset Management simulation, participants step into critical roles, each with distinct responsibilities and challenges. The Maintenance Engineer is a pivotal figure, showcased through three explainatory videos. These videos detail how the role adapts across different maintenance strategies: corrective, predictive, and preventive, providing a clear view of the evolving landscape of asset maintenance.
The Resource Manager, another key role, orchestrates work order assignments and manages resource allocation efficiently.
Meanwhile, the Inventory Specialist plays a crucial role in ensuring the availability of necessary parts, crucial for both preventive and corrective maintenance.
Each role is designed to offer a deep dive into the complexities of asset management, encouraging participants to develop and apply strategic thinking in a dynamic environment.

Maintenance Engineer

(View 3 videos for all rounds descriptions)

Resource Manager

Inventory Specialist

How to Get Help and Other Features

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