Your SAP Ariba in Your Language

DAS Language Localizer helps you go global  with your SAP Ariba modules – All without breaking the bank

Baton’s DAS Language Localizer simplifies language localization of SAP Ariba modules – Buyer, Supplier, Guided Buying, by eliminating language barriers, and accelerating adoption across international markets and organizations.

DAS Language Localizer is a real-time translation management solution for web-based software applications that makes them language accessible to users in multiple locations, quickly and with minimal effort. Whether you’re a global manufacturer and want to localize your products or a local organization with a diverse team, DAS Language Localizer is indispensable for maximizing SAP Ariba ROI.



Comply with Local Government Language Requirements

Grow your team globally while complying with local government’s language requirements for each geographical unit. Offer people the possibility to work and access your business in languages not supported by default, including RTL languages like Arabic.


Translate Company-Specific Terms

Tailor translations to include definitions specific to your industry or even your company to add company-specific flavor to your user-interface. Override automatic translation of terms given by translation engines and overcome their limitations when it comes to certain words and phrases.


No-Code Integration to SAP Ariba and other SAP Applications

Use the No-Code approach to seamlessly integrate the translation capability to your existing SAP applications like SAP S/4HANA or SAP Ariba. A web-browser extension is all you need to see your software in your language.


Simple Web-Browser Extension for Easy Installation

Get started in minutes by installing web-browser extension and entering the license key provided by Baton after subscription. The extension also allows you to switch between languages and renders your SAP Ariba user-interface immediately with proper image-text alignment & right-to-left orientation.

Right-to-Left Languages Support

Switching to a language that is written from Right-to-Left direction like Arabic, Hebrew etc. automatically flips all the content from right to left while translating the words into the corresponding language. Got pictures that go along with text? DAS-LL takes care of text-picture alignment too.

On-Screen Translation Editing

Quickly add or edit translation of terms that you see on-screen, in real-time, without having to go via Text Dictionary. This allows a visual scanning to make sure no term is left behind untranslated.

In-App Translation Dictionary and Editing Tools

The In-App Translation Dictionary is a compilation of all terms in source and target languages, along with tools to remediate the limitations coming from automatic translation engines. With an update or upgrade of your software, the Translation Memory remains intact and could be restored easily.

How it works

DAS Language Localizer works at the web-browser level, independent of your SAP Ariba source-code.

Architecture diagram for DAS-LL
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  • Implement by installing a simple web-browser extension with a few clicks.
  • Choose from a machine translation engines, then set options for a more detailed configuration.
  • Populate and enrich translation dictionary with generic or company-specific terms. When your Ariba instance is updated or upgraded, simply review the pages and adjust the terms if necessary.

Spending too much on SAP Ariba language localization?

Baton can help. Contact us for a free needs assessment.

Pricing Model

DAS Language Localizer is priced based on SAP Ariba Annual Contract Value - ACV













Pricing Elements

Pricing based on SAP Ariba Annual Contract Value, click the button above to register you interest or email for more details.

All Pricing Editions Include...

Free Trial Edition with 3 users to experience how language localization can benefit you

Tiered Pricing to help you find the best plan according to your SAP Ariba usage

Additional requirements are accommodated at a simple time-and-materials rate.

Also available within DAS

DAS Language Localizer is also available within DAS, Baton’s solution for maintaining momentum for digital transformation and accelerating adoption of enterprise software. DAS wows users and smoothens the road to success, thanks to a wide range of powerful content authoring, performance support, and collaboration capabilities.