Baton can help you see the future

Al will augment and transform ERP use. Experiment with innovation now playing ERPsim...

...or play catch-up with your competitors later!

In language, context is EVERYTHING.

Instant corrections are possible and easy with DAS LL.

Don’t settle for standard language translations that could misrepresent what your users need to know to really do their job well.

Having a hard time getting your stakeholders to agree on what to do with ERP?
Use friendly competition to spark engagement, ideas and momentum.
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Baton's solutions:


Allow you to experience the future hands-on, today…



Our industry-specific simulations align people with change and each other, building the momentum you need to succeed in your transformation.



GenAI & ML Workbench

Enables rapid GenAI & ML use case deployment…



Custom GenAI & ML use cases showcased in our simulations can now be customized and deployed in any production environment, without coding.

When you see the future,

you can get there faster … and avoid mistakes.

ERPsim use
ERPsim by Baton.
Proven experience introducing ERP, Cloud & ML innovations to enterprise customers worldwide.
4,000+ ERPsim events
led by certified facilitators
80,000+ participants
competed and learned value
Global use
participants from 65+ countries

Accelerating Enterprise Customer Technology Adoption

“Learning…hands on in a real system was priceless! We had super users right along with senior executives getting really into it. The competition was a really fun component, but so was getting to see how SAP was a truly integrated system real time.”

– Cristie Price, Organizational Change Management

‘We had the opportunity to simulate the end-to-end manufacturing processes. This allowed our leaders to experience the impact of all the decisions that are made on a daily basis. They were able to appreciate the value of a fully integrated business information system. It was a real event for stakeholders who are committed to improving the profitability of the company. The outcome…was that Camso executives decided to implement additional sessions in order to implement and deploy with success SAP S/4HANA worldwide.”

– Marc Boivin, Senior Program Manager, S/4HANA Worldwide Deployment

“Baton’s ERPsim is revolutionary in positively influencing the SAP sale cycle. DAS is an excellent solution aimed at helping users get the most out of…transactions and analytics…to make adoption seamless and effective.”

– Frank Chang, Senior Solutions Director