Competitive Simulations for Business Value & AI Innovation Discovery

Why use an ERP business simulation?

Pilots learn how to fly complex planes through simulations, not watching videos or demonstrations of other pilots flying them. Being hands on and simulating the consequences of decisions, the delay in making decisions or the lack of making decisions, is what fuels real learning and understanding. In business, a “gamified” competitive business simulation enables individuals and teams to see the big picture – and then to create strategic plans how ERP may be used and to start dialogue around using technology innovations that will propel your business or organization.

What is ERPsim?

A competitive business simulation experience to gain understanding of ERP and the business value of SAP providing real-time analytics and reports with actionable insights


An experience that demonstrates the extraordinary value that Generative AI and machine learning fed data analysis may provide for your business and to start your organization’s dialogue of when and how you will leverage Artificial Intelligence


A “gamified” business scenario simulation in a live SAP S/4HANA ERP environment with a fully functional Fiori dashboard; all players are “super-users” and may see all the functional roles, reports and analytics to understand the impact of individual and team decisions made in the competitive scenario simulation

ERPsim Use

🌐 65 countries

📆 4,000+ ERPsim events

👨‍💻 80,000+ participants

ERPsim Use Cases

Pre-Sales/SAP ERP Evaluation

  • Interactive Demonstrations: ERPsim’s engaging simulation allows potential clients to interact with the SAP system, offering a more dynamic and informative experience compared to traditional demos.
  • Scenario-Based Engagement: Tailor scenarios to reflect specific business challenges and demonstrate the real-world application and benefits of SAP ERP.
  • Enhanced Understanding: Facilitate a deeper comprehension of SAP ERP features and functionalities through active participation.
Yesterday an S/4HANA contract was signed in agrobusiness, an important industry in Brazil. ERPsim helped us close this deal. We can highlight the paradigm shift in the IT Director. The ERPsim experience really made the difference!
Bianca Torres

Presales, SAP Brazil

SAP & Technology Innovation Adoption Planning

  • Exploring Machine Learning Capabilities: Use ERPsim to demonstrate how integrating machine learning can optimize business processes, enhance predictive analytics, and improve decision-making.
  • Real-Time Analytics in Action: Showcase the power of real-time analytics in ERPsim scenarios, illustrating how instant data access can transform business strategies and outcomes.
  • Strategic Planning with Advanced Technologies: Leverage ERPsim to plan and evaluate the adoption of these technologies, understanding their impact on various business operations and gaining insights into effective implementation strategies.
Just finished a conversation with an account executive. His words: ‘Thanks to ERPsim, the customer is putting together a roadmap that will move them to S/4HANA in the next 18 months. From now on, I will use ERPsim for all my customer engagements!
Martin Tenk

Head of SAP BTP Solutions Advisors, SAP UK & Ireland ltd

Training, Team Building, Influencing Stakeholders

  • Hands-On Training: Utilize ERPsim for immersive learning experiences, enhancing SAP skills and knowledge.
  • Team Building: Foster collaboration and communication among team members through shared ERPsim sessions.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Use simulation results to influence and inform stakeholders about the value and impact of SAP ERP in organizational contexts.
We simulated end-to-end manufacturing processes. This allowed our leaders to experience the impact of daily decisions and appreciate the value of a fully integrated system. It was a real event for stakeholders committed to improving company profitability. Camso decided on additional ERPsim sessions to implement and deploy SAP S/4HANA worldwide with success.
Marc Boivin

Director, IT Enterprise Architecture, CAMSO

ERPsim Experiences

ERPsim On-Demand Session

Single Player/Small Team Play

single player or team of 2-4 playing competitive simulation ERPsim scenario against three machine learning bot teams, virtually.

Self schedule

One designated player self-schedules the simulation session play time and may invite other players to form a small team

GenAI digital assistant guided play

Kira, Baton’s intelligent digital assistant, guides players in the ERPsim On-Demand session experience and uses generative AI to provide players assistance through asking questions via text or voice.

Available Scenarios:

Distribution/Sustainability, Enterprise Asset Management.




ERPsim Facilitator-Led Event

Group play

10-12+ human players organized into 3+ human teams compete against another, with an option to also compete against a machine learning bot team. Facilitator-led simulations may be as played with groups up to 234 players into 26 competing teams.

Facilitator schedule

The facilitator schedules the simulation session event – virtually, in-person or hybrid – and sets up the teams.

Facilitator guided play

The ERPsim Facilitator guides players through the experience and conducts an end game debriefing, leading a discussion of take-aways from the experience and more importantly, dialogue of what’s next for the business or organization to evolve in their own ERP journey.

Available Scenarios:

Distribution, Manufacturing, Logistics, Public Sector, Sustainability, Enterprise Asset Management, Defense & Security.

Available in multiple languages

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