2024 ERPsim Open Sessions Calendar

Join us and have fun at our free events! Discover our newest scenarios, invite your partners and clients, compete against each other and learn how ERPsim can influence employees’ views on how fun ERP training can be.

Eastern Time Morning Open Sessions

APJ Open Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to be able to join?

A strong internet connexion is highly recommended, as well as a computer, a microphone, a camera, and the Zoom software installed on your desktop. We recommend using either Chrome, Safari or Edge as the chosen browser. 

When can I register for an event?

We accept event requests up to 15 minutes before the event starts. Click on one of the links above and register. Don’t hesitate to invite colleagues, clients, and more!

Is there documentation available in order to prepare for the event?

Before the date of said event, an email will be sent to all participants with documentation and a reminder of all that’s necessary to participate.

Who can I join if I can’t register on one of the links?

Feel free to reach out to support@batonsimulations.com for a quick reply.