Baton’s Latest Developments for Armed Forces: A Glimpse into the Future!

Are you ready to witness the future of ERP training and innovation tailored for our esteemed Armed Forces? Baton Simulations is thrilled to introduce an exclusive video presentation that provides an extensive overview of our latest developments, explicitly designed to empower and support the armed forces.

This simulation has been meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of the Armed Forces, facilitating Valley Discovery, requirements definition, user adoption, change management, and offering a hands-on experience in emerging technologies such as the latest user interface, machine learning decision support, and conversational AI.

🔍 Here’s What Awaits You in This Insightful Presentation:

🛠️ Cutting-Edge Simulations: Learn how Baton’s simulations have evolved to become powerful tools for training and discovery, making them indispensable for armed forces worldwide.

📊 Customized Learning: Explore how Baton’s simulations can be tailored to meet organizational goals, environments, and master data.

🌀 Diverse Scenarios: Discover the range of scenarios Baton offers, from disaster relief with logistics to enterprise asset management and defense and security simulations.

🤖 Conversational AI: Witness the future of intelligent ERP with Baton’s conversational AI, simplifying human-computer interactions and providing real-time, personalized data insights.

🌟 Innovative Integration: Get a glimpse into Baton’s future developments, showcasing the planning, execution, and sustainment of combined arms military exercises.

Baton Simulations has been working closely with defense industry partners to align innovation and efficiency, unlocking new capabilities through intelligent integration. Our commitment to empowering the Armed Forces remains unwavering, and we are excited to share the future of SAP training, enablement, and discovery with you.

📺 Watch the Video Now!

To explore the groundbreaking developments Baton has in store for the Defense and Security sector or to arrange a one-on-one briefing, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Join us on this journey of innovation and empowerment for our Armed Forces. 🌐🛡️

September 14th, 2022 – ERPsim Distribution session for APJ – Test drive SAP S/4HANA Virtual Experience

Baton invites you to try ERPsim, the S/4HANA simulation on September 14th, 2022.

ERPsim helps organizations galvanize and align teams behind their digital transformation initiatives, by giving them first-hand experience of the power and value of SAP S/4HANA.

With ERPsim, you can demonstrate to your leaders the benefits that can be achieved, motivate them to champion the change, and prime them for success!

Join us on September 14th with 3-5 of your colleagues! The session will take place from 9:00 AM SGT to 11:30 AM SGT and will introduce the Distribution Snacks scenario. We encourage all participants to attend the full event as it will require your complete participation to win the business simulation!

The session is fully virtual, all you need is a strong wifi connection, a computer, a microphone and a webcam. Recommended browsers are Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

✅ Register now.

▶️ Date. September 14th
▶️ Time. 9:00 AM SGT | 10:00 AM JST | 11:00 AM AEST. (2.5 hours session).
▶️ Scenario. Distribution.
▶️ Language. English.
▶️ Join us with 3-5 of your colleagues.
▶️ The session is fully virtual, all you need is a strong wifi connection, a computer, a microphone, and a webcam.

Baton vous invite à essayer ERPsim, la simulation S/4HANA le 14 septembre 2022.

ERPsim aide les organisations à galvaniser et à aligner les équipes derrière leurs initiatives de transformation numérique, en leur donnant une expérience directe de la puissance et de la valeur de SAP S/4HANA.

Avec ERPsim, vous pouvez démontrer à vos dirigeants les avantages qui peuvent être obtenus, les motiver à défendre le changement et les préparer au succès !

Rejoignez-nous le 14 septembre avec 3 à 5 de vos collègues ! La session se déroulera de 9h00 SGT à 11h30 SGT et présentera le scénario Distribution Snacks. Nous encourageons tous les participants à assister à l’événement complet car il faudra votre participation complète pour gagner la simulation d’entreprise !

La session est entièrement virtuelle, tout ce dont vous avez besoin est une connexion wifi solide, un ordinateur, un microphone et une webcam. Les navigateurs recommandés sont Chrome, Safari et Microsoft Edge.

✅ Inscrivez-vous maintenant.

▶️ Rendez-vous. 14 septembre
▶️ Heure. 9h00 SGT | 10h00 JST | 11h00 AEST. (séance de 2h30).
▶️ Scénario. Distribution.
▶️ Langue. Anglais.
▶️ Rejoignez-nous avec 3-5 de vos collègues.
▶️ La session est entièrement virtuelle, tout ce dont vous avez besoin est une connexion wifi solide, un ordinateur, un microphone et une webcam.