More than a decade of fuelling digital transformation

Deep experience helping leaders normalize rapid change

Since 2009, we’ve helped hundreds of enterprise customers around the world fuel their digital transformation (DX). These leaders choose Baton because our solutions are innovative, intuitive, and based on our leadership team’s deep industry knowledge and practical experience in organizational change management (OCM).

Proven solutions backed by research

We know that change doesn’t happen simply by being imposed on people, and sophisticated software alone isn’t a silver bullet to solve people or process challenges. We base our solutions on research-backed methods to engage, enlighten, and motivate people, helping them embrace new tools, end-to-end process integration, and even new business models—all part and parcel of successful digital transformation. What’s more, our long-term relationships with university research institutions like HEC keep us abreast of the latest research, strengthening our innovation and product development capabilities.

Whether you’re planning DX at your organization, or consulting or selling enterprise software to an organization in DX, Baton has proven solutions to help you every step of the way.

Trusted by prominent organizations

Respected organizations around the world trust Baton’s solutions to help them at each stage of the digital transformation journey. An SAP Silver Partner, we’ve also demonstrated that we consistently add value to market-leading enterprise applications like SAP ERP (S/4HANA).


Make the case for Baton

If your organization or client is ready to fuel their digital transformation with Baton, the next step is to get key stakeholders on board. The Baton Business Case Package gives you the tools to build a powerful and convincing case.


  • One-pager on the cost of DX failure
  • White paper on the science behind ERPsim
  • White paper on software adoption failure
  • ERPsim Product Sheet
  • DAS Product Sheet


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  • ERPsim Product Sheet
  • DAS Product Sheet