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Disaster Relief Scenario
The Public Sector Disaster Relief scenario is designed to provide participants with hands-on experience in core business processes relevant to government, public sector organizations and more. This immersive exercise covers critical functions such as Funds Management, Budget Tracking, Field Allocation/Spend, Procurement, and Program Effectiveness within the context of managing a disaster relief team.

Excitingly, an extended version of this scenario is in development, which will introduce an additional layer of complexity and learning. Soon, participants will have the opportunity to engage in the logistics process, further enriching their understanding of public sector operations during disaster relief efforts.
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Enterprise Asset Management Scenario
The Enterprise Asset Management simulation provides participants with an immersive experience in utilizing standard Asset Management and Plant Maintenance functionalities within SAP S/4HANA, along with the predictive capabilities of cloud-based SAP Intelligent Asset Management. Teams compete to achieve the highest asset availability while minimizing maintenance costs. The simulation guides participants through the stages of the maintenance maturity curve, from corrective to planned and ultimately predictive maintenance.

This hands-on experience is a valuable addition to any resume, highlighting proficiency in asset management, predictive maintenance, and the utilization of cutting-edge technology within SAP S/4HANA and SAP Intelligent Asset Management.
The Defense and Security (D&S) Disaster Relief Scenario is a dynamic simulation that offers participants hands-on experience in core business processes. Additionally, it provides a realistic insight into fundamental SAP concepts within the context of Defense and Security operations. This immersive exercise challenges participants to adapt their strategies in response to a progressing natural disaster, such as a hurricane, and the diverse needs of affected geographical regions. Collaborating with other teams, participants are tasked with planning, transporting, and delivering pre-constructed "relief kits" containing essential products and services to mitigate the disaster's effects.
Defense & Security Scenario
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What customers are saying

“Learning…hands on in a real system was priceless! We had super users right along with senior executives getting really into it. The competition was a really fun component, but so was getting to see how SAP was a truly integrated system real time.”

– Cristie Price
Organizational Change Management

‘We had the opportunity to simulate the end-to-end manufacturing processes. This allowed our leaders to experience the impact of all the decisions that are made on a daily basis. They were able to appreciate the value of a fully integrated business information system. It was a real event for stakeholders who are committed to improving the profitability of the company. The outcome…was that Camso executives decided to implement additional sessions in order to implement and deploy with success SAP S/4HANA worldwide.”

– Marc Boivin
Senior Program Manager, S/4HANA Worldwide Deployment

“Baton’s ERPsim is revolutionary in positively influencing the SAP sale cycle. DAS is an excellent solution aimed at helping users get the most out of…transactions and analytics…to make adoption seamless and effective.”

– Frank Chang
Senior Solutions Director